McLeod Smoking Survey

There has been increased discussion about the smell of cigarette smoke and marijuana circulating around the hallways and other common areas of the McLeod Building. 

Because of its age and historical designation, the McLeod cannot have the large air exchange units that a newer building would have. Smoke can also filter between units because of the way the heating system is set up.

Many owners and tenants are eager for the condominium board to do something about the smoke and marijuana in the hallways. Some people have gone to the extent of moving out of the building to find air they can breathe.

At the last AGM, on a very informal straw vote, the majority of those present wanted the condo board to investigate the possibility of adopting a smoke-free policy for the building and individual units.

We would like to hear from you on what you think about this idea! Please fill out this short survey


1/ Do you smoke cigarettes, cigars or smoke marijuana in your unit?

2/ Can you smell smoke in your unit coming from outside your unit through the mechanical system or under the door?

3/ Does the smell of smoke and marijuana bother you or make you ill in either your unit or in the common areas?

4/ Would you like all units and common areas within the McLeod to be smoke free?

5/ If the building does not adapt a more rigorous non-smoking policy, would you consider moving?

6/ If the McLeod did institute the building as non-smoking, would you move?